MK TechSoft resides at very convenient place, which is reachable from all the nearby places easily. MK TechSoft has scalable computing environment. MK TechSoft is well ventilated, air conditioned, well furnished and well equipped workplace which gives encouragement to our employees to work efficiently. MK TechSoft’s infrastructure is planned, designed and implemented by keeping in consideration IT strategies. We have high speed Wi-Fi internet facilities. We offer special building blocks and other managing services for observing IP-enabled devices. We use updated computer systems, laptops and latest version of processors so that we can complete our work with the given period of time. We are using virtualization-ready and dynamic systems to manage the growing communication needs.
This ensures that our services are constantly delivered and can be leveled as per the customer’s needs within probable timeframes. Security

  • To reduce and manage IT risks we are updated with the highly secured system that helps to protect data from being corrupted due to viruses or network errors.
  • We use latest biometric attendance system.
  • For protection from fire damages MK TechSoft is equipped with best quality smoke detectors, water sprinklers and fire extinguisher.