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In my previous article I wrote about the some onpage SEO factors that can be used to affect the search engine results and visibility of the keywords. I hope that was helped you out. Today I m going to discuss about some off page SEO factors you can use to affect the ranking of your website in the search engines such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. We can make the best use of these factors to do SEO locally or globally.


You can say that Offpage SEO process that can be used to maximize and increase the performance of the website in the search engines for the targeted keywords that should be related to the content of the webpage. This process of link building can be included in off page SEO. The different ways to build the links can be considered as the Offpage SEO.
Here are some factors that you can consider as Offpage SEO factors that can help you out to increase the search engine results.


1. Social Bookmarking Submissions:

Social Bookmarking is process to submit the url of your website on the social websites which are having high page rank. The main advantage of social bookmarking is that the visitors of the other website will also visit your website that will increase the organic traffic of your website and the search engine will also index the submitted link to increase the ranking of the keywords. These submissions should contain targeted keywords and relevant description of the keywords so that visitors will attract to open your link.

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2. Forum Submissions:

You can submit your link on forum websites to increase the relationship with the visitors of the other website that’s why you can call it as a discussion board. Here you can discuss about any topic with the other visitors. It will help to increase the traffic of your website. You can add the targeted keyword and link of your website during submitting the forum. The search engine will indexed the submitted link with the help of which search result of the keywords will increase.

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3. Guest Posting:

You can post your topic on the other websites that allow you post your article as a guest. This will help you to increase your relationships with the other communities. You can also grab the new readers for your articles of other community.

4. Social Media Link Strategy:

Social media link strategy means to build links on the social media profiles like facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin etc. This will help you to increase the traffic for your website because no. of the people are suffering internet to go for their social media profiles. You can create your website’s account on Social media profiles to grab a lot of organic traffic.

5. Directory Submissions:

You can submit the link of your website to a popular directory into the relevant category. With the help of directory submissions you can improve the rank of your website or popularity of your website on search engines. You should have title, targeted keyword, description, email and the relevant category to submit the link of your website on the directory websites.

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6.Article Submissions:

You can submit is a popular internet marketing service in which you can write an article related to your services and then you can submit these articles in quality article directories, related blogs and websites having rich content. Using it your website link will appear in search engines easily because articles directories are crawled by search engines regularly and get more visitors which will help in increasing ranking. You need to write article with proper keyword density.

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7. Write Press Release:

Press release is a process of writing a statement to the media about your company or a person like Google news. You can also be used to generate a future story. It is a fundamental tool to increase the PR of website.

8.Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is process of commenting on the blogs and respond to the other blog commenting. With the help of blog commenting you can do link building, improve the alexa rank of the website and bring more visitors to your blog.

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9. Classified Ads Platform:

Classified ads platform is a process to advertise our business by promoting our website in the search engines. You can gain organic traffic by submitting the classified ads on the search engines. You can also generate the backlinks with the help of classified ads.

10. Video Marketing:

You can promote your business with the help of video marketing. Video marketing is the process to promote with the help of posting the videos related to your business on the other video related websites like YouTube etc. You can increase the ranking, click through rates etc. of your website or blog on various search engines.

11. Yellow Page:

Yellow page is a process of creating a profile of your business on the other directories of business and arranged it within its category.

12. Sitemap Submission:

Sitemap is a file can you create for web crawler like Yahoo, Bing and Google etc. Sitemap is a process of submitting the sitemap to various search engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing webmaster so that search engines can understand that your website is ready to index.

13. Understand Google Webmaster Tools:

You can use Google webmaster tool to verify your website so that search engine can easily index and crawl your website. You can use Google webmaster tool to remove bugs and age not found errors from your website.

14. Understand Google Analytics:

You need to put the tracking code on your website manually or with the help of plugins. With the help of this code you can track the organic search result of your website and you can track the no of visitors and their activities who are visiting your website.

15.Understand Google Trends:

Google trends are tools that describe the how many searches have been done for the particular keyword of your website. It helps you to show the fluctuations in the keywords and geographical locations of the searches.

Above mentioned points are major offpage SEO factors and playing important role in search engine optimization. You should include these factors in the process of Offpage SEO of your website. For more information comment on this blog and give your feedback.

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