Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Loan Agents all know that an Online Presence is imperative in this day and age;  a Website is your Online Guide where prospective clients can read about you and feel invited to contact you to employ your services.

If you already have a real estate or mortgage website, it’s essential that you are properly utilizing SEO to its fullest. The following are some FREE SEO tips that are necessary  for any real estate or mortgage website.


  • Do Your Research & Analysis

When building (or promoting) a real estate web site, it is important to choose the right keywords or keyword phrases. Utilizing Google Keywords will assist you to not solely in resolving the competition for each of your keywords, but also will give you the number of searches each keyword receives regionally and globally. This analysis will help  you tailor your keywords to your required audience therefore  increasing your probabilities of success in promoting these keywords or keyword phrases.


  • Effectively Utilize Titles

Now that you have your keywords, it’s essential that you use these keywords effectively. Once making titles for everything from your web site pages to your blogposts and address links, you ought to embody your keywords in titles of pages. As a result, search engines are more likely to pick upon your keywords and successfully better rank your website.


  • Include Internal Links

This is an SEO tip that is often overlooked but is incredibly important. Once you produce  blog posts or website pages that are associated with different content on your website, embody an enclosed link back to the website page or blogpost.


  • Increase Content

One common misconception is that a surplus of your time making relevant content for your website and achieving the required ranking is all that is needed followed by abruptly ceasing all efforts.   Keeping your website updated with recent content is vital for an effective real estate search engine optimization campaign.

  • Monitor Link Count

Although it’s vital that you embody internal and external links in your blogposts and website content, it’s also essential that you don’t over link. Similarly, adding repetitive keywords on one page will hinder your SEO efforts. Therefore, link inside your blogposts assuring that you’re not linking too frequently.


  • Utilize pictures

Especially in real estate Search engine optimization initiatives, properly utilizing pictures is extremely vital. Initially you set an outline for the image and an address that features one in all your targeted keywords or key phrases. As a result, search engines can award you for this straightforward effort.


  • Ensure Usability

One of the foremost vital things for real estate SEO includes usability. Google may be a vast advocate of easy websites that give useful links and data. Therefore, make sure that your content is helpful to your users and provides a simple—yet effective—interface.


  • Include Virtual Tours

The utilization of videos and images are incredibly important in increasing SEO for any website; but, they’re even more vital for real estate SEO. In addition, virtual tours of your available properties will truly facilitate the increase of your ranking and at the same time draw potential customers to your web site.


  • Acquire Backlinks

One of the ways in which search engines confirm the standard of your website is by the amount of authoritative backlinks you receive to your website from different quality websites. Note that simply not any link to your website will work; instead, your links must be from quality websites that are relevant to real estate. As an example, a link to your web site from Business Insider will be a lot more effective in increasing your page ranking than a link from a random blog.  Perhaps a Real Estate website might have links and/or blogs from Mortgage Providers, Insurance providers, Inspection Services etc…  which are relevant topics to real estate but not in competition for your source of income.

Although it is tempting, don’t submit your website to free directories that claim to produce quality backlinks to your website. These “free” backlinks that need very little effort usually turn away search engines as opposed to drawing them to your website.


  • Be Patient – Patience Is A Virtue

It is essential to appreciate that it takes time and effort to extend your search engine ranking; so, patience is needed. Your website won’t go from nonexistent on search engines to the top spot in a matter of days. However, if you’re properly utilizing real estate SEO tips extremely efficiently and constantly, your website can begin an appreciable ascension in rank before your eyes.